Prevent injury and perform at your best with the Waveblade.
The ultimate sports massage tool.

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Engineered for Athletes

Strong and durable, deep tissue massage that won’t breakdown
Boosts circulation to Improves muscle health and function

Accelerates recovery & optimises athletic performance

Targets all areas of the body in one product, your mobile massage therapist

Essential for All

Center blades safely engage back and neck muscles
Enhances movement efficiency and joint range of motion

Deep tissue massage for hard to reach tension points

Waveblade pattern gives you superior muscle and fascia engagement

Functional compact and lightweight, easily fits in hand luggage

What makes the WAVEBLADE
so Effective

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Jan HutnanA huge step forward

“If you are using foam rolling to improve hydration and overall liquid flow in the body then the Waveblade pushes the boundaries in the recovery and prep industry higher than any other tool before.
As a health coach I recommend Waveblade to be used on daily basis for better and more sustainable outcome.
Thanks guys for innovating the industry.”

Dr Trevor RoyIntelligent design. Expert education.

“They say a tool is only as good as it's user. As a sports doctor, the waveblade's education system gives me confidence to know that my patients are using the roller in the most effective way possible even without supervision. As a personal user of the waveblade, I have found that it's unique design has enabled me to make improvements to my mobility like no other device on the market.”

Joe RobinsonThe Next Generation in Facia Therapy

“Backed by science and forged in the latest research and technology the waveblade is a cut above the competition. I use mine everyday and my studio hosts weekly classes!”

Isabella GriggsThe best investment in my health!

“Using the Waveblade on a daily basis has increased my performance not only with my training but everyday life. Being able to target all aspects of the body with the different blades and trigger caps has been a complete saviour and with the online education provided I get so much from it. I cannot go a day without it. Thankyou!”

Josh AllenA step up from other products

“Once you learn how to use the waveblade, there is no going back to the other generic products out there. They simply do not target specific areas the same way the blade does. I have used it to optimise my performance in the gym and on the field, to rehab injuries, and to maintain the level of workload I expect from myself. Without the product and education that comes with it, I would not be at the level I am today.”

More than just a tool

The Waveblade philosophy, and Release Move Improve program, is a systematic approach to performance, recovery, and injury prevention. Our tools and education, empower you to move better and take your performance to the next level.

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Waveblade is more than just a tool, it is a training and recovery philosophy.

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